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'Art in the Garden' was a one off day event where the Robin Hood Community Garden was converted into an arts space showcasing a group of artists work. The afternoon concluded with a group of musicians called 'The Chromabergs' playing live adding a folk music flavour to the end of the event.




" Beautiful little safe place"  Jack Sai Mycket

" Absolutely fantastic & my kids loved it" Manal

"Thankyou for a lovely afternoon" Green Wonder

"The different pieces gave me inspiration to start making my own pieces" Geertie

"Thankyou for holding beautiful events in the community" Chris Douglas

Fun with Photograms

Propaganda Posters

This 3 hour workshop will start with an exploration of the language techniques employed within the propaganda posters of WW1, and will also explore other types of propaganda in society. There will be activities on the purpose of media texts and persuasive language in society.


Participants will be encouraged to discuss and debatae issues, while there will also be the opportunity to design a poster using persuasive language devices.

Journeys Workshop

A celebration of map making with Harry Beck's London Underground design, 1931 that is still the basis of the tube map today. We will also investigate Gill MacDonald's map- a mixture of cartoon, fantasy and topology. It was designed and distributed in 1914, and was an instant hit with the travelling public. Posters in the London Underground collection will be explored and activities will take place on making maps and recording local journeys specific to Hackney. The public will be encourged to participate in drawing, painting and/or using collage to develop a community artwork on journeys and local connectivity. This project was funded by the Arts Council England in 2014.